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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Our West End Update


Some great news as of late.

Our West End Residents Roundtable

One of our promises to you was to develop and facilitate a residents roundtable for the west-end. Thanks to the hard work of our community coordinator and fellow west-ender, Tammy Murray, we held our first roundtable meeting Wednesday where neighbours, friends and residents from every corner of the west-end were in attendance, engaged and eager to be part of positive change in our area.

We had residents from Sandwich Towne, University area, Bridgeview and the neighbourhoods surrounding St. James gradeschool and Mic Mac Park.

I always believed, and yesterday it was confirmed, that our community will be stronger when it is more united. When neighbourhoods west of the bridge are actively engaged with neighbourhoods east of the bridge, and vice versa, our potential is limitless. Wednesday was the first step in what I believe is a necessary direction for our west-end if we ever hope to meet the challenges and opportunities before us.

West Side Block Party for Youth

Today, we are proudly supporting a fantastic youth-led "west side block party" at Bridgeview Park abutting Taylor grade school on Grove Avenue. Please stop by if you get a chance anytime between 3:30pm - 7pm.

It's an exciting time to be involved in our grassroots movement. To our hard working team, volunteers and residents who are coming together like never before to create positive change in the west-end, I say THANK YOU!


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