Car Break-Ins on Dot Ave


I received the following email from a west-end resident. I made some changes to preserve anonymity:

"Hi Fabio:  I live on the 1200 block of Dot Avenue and we have been having someone trying to break into the cars sometime after midnight.  Please let people know to lock their cars – we have had a few lose money and valuables over the last few weeks.  Thanks"

I replied asking if the police were notified. The resident stated:  

"No I haven’t called the police and I don’t know if anyone on the street has.  I always keep my car locked but the other night when we had snow there were foot prints around the car." 

The resident intends to notify the police so they are aware.

Please be on the lookout and always contact the authorities. The more information you can share and bring attention to, the better. 



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