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Kyle Vermette and a group of dedicated parishioners are fighting to save Assumption Church in the west-end. Below is a press release and call to action that he recently sent me. I encourage you all to please read and spread the word. Assumption Church is an historical gem in our community that needs to be preserved and cherished. I fully support saving Assumption Church.

There is also a fundraising group that has raised millions of dollars in money and pledges and it is my understanding that they will continue raising more. Please read below.


September 4, 2014

Kyle Vermette

Prayer Vigils being held at Historic
Our Lady of Assumption Church

Windsor, Ontario,  Due to recent developments pertaining to Our Lady of Assumption Church this past week, Operation Basilica thought it would be a fantastic idea to head up a Prayer Vigils this coming weekend (dates and times are below). We want to inspire hope, and to bring supporters of the church together to pray for the restoration of this magnificent, historic and culturally significant church.

As we have learned from Ed Agnew from reading the paper it is our understanding that the Bishop has received a proposal from a donor for a $10 million letter of credit from a bank that is guaranteed. This is the amount of money the bishop keeps telling us is required to keep the doors open. At our weekend prayer vigils we will pray fervently for the Bishop to accept this $10 million proposal that has been generously offered and will allow us to keep Our Lady of Assumption Church’s doors open.

The community-at-large is invited to gather with us in front of the church and walk around it as group - in full prayer. People of all religious backgrounds, as well as those who do not belong to any faith group, are welcome. Please join us as we show that the people of Windsor just how important Assumption Church, which is rich in history, is culturally, spiritually and historically to us all.
Schedule of prayer vigils:
Friday, September 5th at 7pm
Saturday, September 6th at 6pm (after mass)

Sunday, September 7th at 630pm (before mass)

Please "like" and share our new Facebook page: 
And please be in touch with us if you can
 volunteer or help in any way:

We're working not only to save this 286 year old historic location 
but to see Windsor's "Huron Church" declared a BASILICA, recognizing the layers of significance, including spiritual, historical, and cultural.
Spread the word!  Speak out, donate as you can, and above all pray!

Step One: Pray
We must PRAY together: for our Bishop and the Diocese of London, for Assumption parish and local efforts, and for a growing awareness of the importance of this most historic location.
We will be gathering for
 prayer vigils and offering up penances for these intentions.

Step Two: Speak Out
We must SPEAK UP and make known why historic Assumption Church is important to us, our community, and the province. This church location has 286 years of heritage, is the Flagship church in our region, and is holy ground! It is the living heart of our Windsor-Essex community.
For these reasons, we want to see Assumption Church remain open, be restored, and declared a basilica. As millions are being collected currently, it is
 possible to move forward. 
- CALL and write the Bishop's Office in London: 1-519-433-0658
- EMAIL theWindsor Star a brief letter and call other media: 
- And challenge others to speak up too!

Step Three: Donate
Our Bishop has said that if the funds are raised then he will not close Assumption Church. Please DONATE or pledge yourself whatever you can. 
Ask others to
 donate, including groups you're involved with or businesses you know. 
Large or small, EVERY donation counts, they all add up.
This online form sends the parish your pledge, with the option to donate online with PayPal -or- to mail in your cheque.  (519) 253-2493
If you use a cheque, write "Assumption Restoration Fund" in the memo.
If you donate online, make it in honour of Operation Basilica and in the notebox for who to notify put: “Operation Basilica For the Restoration Fund”

Step Four: Keep spreading the word. And volunteer if you can.  


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