Windsor Soup Looking for West-End Residents and Groups to Participate


Windsor Soup is looking for West-End Groups and people to participate. Check out their email to me below:

Hi Fabio, 

here is some information on Windsor SOUP. 

Windsor SOUP provides individuals within the community an opportunity to come together and experience a unique collaboration of non-profit projects within the community. At each event hosted, four different community projects will have the opportunity to raise awareness to the public, addressing the need and impact of their project.

Each person that comes to the event will receive soup, salad, bread and a vote with a minimum $5 donation. People will have a chance to socialize with other members of the community, and learn about other projects that are happening within Windsor. Four presenters from different community projects will have the opportunity to discuss their projects, answer any questions, and at the end of the presentations votes are cast. The project that receives the greatest amount of votes by the end of the night receives the collected donations from the door.

Interested participants are asked to fill out an application form found online (

Our next event is on Sunday October 5th at 7pm at the Walkerville Brewery. 


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