Building Up Our West End: Monthly Update

Hi Friends, 

It has been a busy winter with several positive developments for the west-end. As the weather gets a bit warmer and we head into spring, I am hopeful that with each day passing, COVID is further and further behind us and we can finally get to some place of normalcy. 

The Residential Rental License

We finally did it! Council directed administration to draft a Residential Rental License bylaw, to be piloted in Wards 1 & 2, with the intent that it be rolled out City-wide after the pilot.

I campaigned on this issue and it was something that I felt strongly about well before I was elected to City Council. Although the RRL will not solve all of the challenges in our neighbourhoods as it relates to housing, it is a critical component of a multi-pronged solution to creating safer and stronger neighbourhoods.

A big thank you to the majority of City Council for supporting my motion, and especially to the residents in my community who have been fighting for this for nearly 15 years!

This issue has come to Council in three consecutive terms but this third time was a charm! Again, THANK YOU everyone. We must now work our tails off to make sure it is successful in providing a safer and more harmonious community between tenants, landlords and homeowners!

Bridgeview Park Upgrades

Happy to announce that nearly $500,000 in upgrades to Bridgeview Park are nearly complete. Features such as new trails, benches, trees and landscaping, a new parking lot and lighting have all been included in this upgrade.

Bridgeview Park is in the heart of Bridgeview neighbourhood and has always been an active Park since I could remember as a child. The upgrades provide a more welcoming and accessible environment for families and residents in the neighbourhood and beyond.

Check out this video here to see some of the improvements:

Sandwich Town Arch

Historic plaques have recently been installed on the Sandwich Town arch. I posted several pictures on my facebook page to showcase the plaques, but I would encourage you to check them out in person and have a read; they showcase a snippet of Sandwich Town's breadth and depth of history. 

Huron Church Road Reconstruction

Thanks to provincial funding in the amount of $3million for the "connecting links" program, the City was successful in leveraging the funds for the $4.9million project. 

This past Tuesday, I was happy to announce the $4.9million of improvements to Huron Church Rd. from College to Girardot. This work will begin next month and includes road reconstruction, a new median, sidewalks, curbs and new lighting. The stretch between Tecumseh Rd. and Girardot will start and be completed in 2022.

It'll be short-term pain but long-term gain for nearby residents and commuters as we continue to build up this vital corridor.

Street by street, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, we are building up our west end. Have a great weekend everyone!


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