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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Petcoke Appeal


Please see an email I received from a west-end resident regarding petcoke along the Detroit riverfront. You can also read the recent Windsor Star article on this matter here: Company Launches Fight to Put Petcoke Back on Detroit's Riverfront

"To those who may be interested in contacting the Detroit Board of Zoning Appeals re: the hearing to allow Detroit Bulk Storage to place the petcoke piles back on the riverfront.

The email address to the Board secretary is to April Purofoy    mrspurofoy@live.com 

To the Detroit Board of Zoning Appeals,

I'm writing to the Board to voice my opinion with what's happening. Detroit Bulk Storage's appeal to bring back piles of petcoke to the riverfront is worrisome. At a time when Detroit is so hard working to re-invent itself, this happens on the west side to downtown Detroit. We on both sides of the river have had to put up with this nonsense for too long.. I'm sure the board is aware of the scientific health concerns of petcoke, the Los Angeles ban on the storage of these piles and the environmental impact on the adjacent Detroit river.

Mr. Moroun owns the land and leases it to Detroit Bulk Storage. There are health hazards with this petcoke, and surrounding it is the old Michigan Central train station and the lands around it that have been abandoned. 

When is someone from the city finally going to put an end to this?

I hope that the board members took the time to visit the site when it housed those piles last year. I hope they saw what we as homeowners on both sides of the river had to put up with. I hope they saw the videos of the dust blowing over the city and river. I hope they see the land contamination on the site now. It's a shame that a toxic component  from the tar sands in far away Alberta can end up on the doorstep of a city that deserves much much better after what it's been through over the past 30 years! I can only hope that the Board has the fortitude and wisdom to protect the city and it's citizens against this travesty."

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