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WINDSOR, ON – February 6, 2014 – Enactus Windsor is proud to announce the launch of Windsor SOUP, a powerful tool to start conversations and fund new projects/people/ideas in our local community.
Windsor SOUP is a community dinner where residents learn about creative ideas for self-sustaining ventures with a community-driven purpose, and vote on which project to fund through donations accepted at the door. Based on a popular program originated in Detroit, SOUP brings together neighbours, acts as a platform to share resources and supports projects that benefit the community.
“Windsor SOUP aims to bring the community together through powerful, creative ideas and discussions that will help make our city a better place to live and work in,” said Nick Jones, project manager of Windsor SOUP. The project was created to “help make an impact in our community,” added Jones.
Enactus Windsor has partnered with Pathway to Potential – the local poverty reduction strategy, the Odette School of Business and P. & L. Odette Charitable Foundation to ignite this.
When asked how Pathway to Potential became involved, director Adam Vasey noted “this partnership reflects P2P’s commitment to engaging the community to develop innovative local solutions that enhance the social and economic well being of our region.” Vasey added, “working with Enactus and the Odette School of Business also builds on P2P’s strong track record of developing impactful partnerships with the University of Windsor.”
With a donation of five dollars, attendees receive soup, salad and a vote. Creative individuals will present their projects to an audience who can vote on the project that they feel is the most promising. At the end of the night, the votes are counted and the winner receives funding to assist them in moving their idea forward.
The first Windsor SOUP will be held on March 2, 2014, at 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at theWalkerville Brewery (525 Argyle Road, Windsor ON). Individuals are asked to submit an application for the chance to present their idea at the SOUP. The application form can be found online at and can be emailed to
The P. and L. Odette Charitable Foundation has graciously announced that it will match the amount raised throughout the night and donate it to the winner.
About Enactus Windsor
Enactus Windsor is a student-run organization at the Odette School of Business that seeks to use the power of entrepreneurial action to transform the lives of individuals. The organization aims to bring about lasting impact and change within the community.
About Pathway to Potential
Pathway to Potential works to educate members of the community about the social and economic costs of poverty. It advocates for the removal of systemic barriers, and creates and supports concrete initiatives that improve the lives of people living in poverty, or who are at risk of living in poverty.
P. and L. Odette Charitable Foundation
P. and L. Odette Charitable Foundation seeks to distribute income earned on the foundation's capital to various registered charities supporting developing artists.
Enactus Windsor:
Pathway to Potential:
P. and L. Odette Charitable Foundation:
Nicholas Jones
Project Manager, Enactus
Adam Vasey
Director, Pathway to Potential


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