Council Meeting / Howe Bridge Overpass / Sandwich Town BIA AGM


Please see some updates below:

City Council Meeting - 01/07/19

City Council met on Monday, January 7th and approved funding for several Business Improvement Districts in our community, including Sandwich Town and Wyandotte Ave. W. The funds total approximately $40,000.00 for both districts, but there may be some changes in the funds allocated to Wyandotte Ave W. depending on any cost fluctuations as the projects get rolled out.

Items such as benches, bicycle racks and waste receptacles will be added to Sandwich St. and Wyandotte Ave. W. All funds were provided for by the ASSOCIATION OF MUNICIPALITIES OF ONTARIO (AMO) Main Street Revitalization Initiatives Fund which is a provincial body, and all items should be installed by the end of summer, 2019. This is a one time grant from AMO and no City dollars will be used for this capital outlay.

Howe Bridge Overpass

Ojibway Parkway will be closed periodically over the next month. A quote from the Windsor Star:

"One of this area’s busiest commuter roads — Ojibway Parkway — will be shut down overnight on eight occasions over the next month to allow for placement of large steel girders as part of the ongoing $28.5-million overpass project to connect Herb Gray Parkway to the Gordie Howe International Bridge."

The connection of the Herb Gray Parkway to the Gordie Howe Bridge is exciting and a positive step forward in the construction of the new Bridge. Exciting time ahead for Sandwich Town and our City. See the Windsor Star link here: Herb Gray Connecting to Gordie Howe

Sandwich Town BIA Annual General Meeting

This is just a reminder notice that the Sandwich Town BIA will hold its annual general meeting on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at St. John's Hall.

Hope you are enjoying 2019 so far, and looking forward to working together on achieving positive change for the west end and our city.



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