Feedback Wanted on Sandwich Town Murals!

The City of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
January 11, 2019
Feedback Wanted on Sandwich Town Murals
Windsor’s Culture department is looking for feedback on a series of Sandwich Town murals.
The 16 murals honouring significant black leaders in our community were originally exhibited along the exterior wall of a grocery store on Sandwich Street. However, the grocery store has since been sold, and the murals were removed and placed in storage for safekeeping.
The City of Windsor is looking for the community’s feedback on how to proceed.
This survey will be available for comments until February 11, 2019. 
Two open houses will also be held: Wednesday January 23, 2019 from 5 pm to 7 pm and again on Saturday February 2, 2019 from 10 am to noon. 
Both open houses will take place at the Mackenzie Hall Cultural Centre, 3277 Sandwich Street. 
We invite you to discuss your thoughts and opinions with administration. Should you have any questions but are unable to attend either open house, please email us
For more information on Culture or other City departments initiatives, visit the City of Windsor website at
Media contacts:
Cathy Masterson
Cultural Affairs Manager

519-253-2300 Ext. 2724
Jason Moore
Senior Manager of Communications and Customer Service

(519) 551-9011


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