Friends for Atkinson Parks and Pool Skateboard Competition


I received the following from the Friends for Atkinson Parks and Pool group: 

"Hi fabio we are having our first skateboard competition on June first at 12 noon  at Atkinson  and we sill have hot dogs chips etc. and some home made crafts and some cookies come out and attend hope to see you there. We are also doing swimming registratioon for the working poor kids. If you know of any tell them to bring there income tax receipt and talk to us the cost to the families is $10.00 per child  the cost for the first session is about 86.00 dollars we pay the differrence any money extra we roll back into the swimming program. the senior pass for this year is $45. from June 23 - labour day 7 days a week and any nights and it covers all pools  June 24 is firer works night there will be a night time swim and barbeque at atkinson. the parking lot will be blocked so people using the pool and park can park the barigades will be taking down at about 8 pm 
 Your friend marilyn"


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