It's Official: 'Our West End' is Here to Serve YOU


I am very proud to announce that 'Our West End' has been approved for funding from the United Way to develop a parks committee in the Bridgeview neighbourhood, establish a west-end roundtable of community stakeholders to provide guidance and resources, tackle issues such as graffiti and general clean-up, and develop a strategy for the west-end focusing on neighbourhood engagement and empowerment. The funding is for two years.

You can see the Windsor Star article regarding our funding announcement here: Our West End Funding Announcement

We have partnered with the Centres for Seniors Windsor right on McEwan and Wyandotte and they have been gracious enough to provide us with office space and resources. We couldn't have asked for a better community partner and wouldn't have been able to receive the funding we got without their help.

The funding has allowed us to hire on a few part-time staff to roll out the initiatives mentioned above. In the next few weeks we will have a website up further detailing what we will be doing over the next two years and featuring our new fantastic team.

What started as a simple blog discussing crime in the west-end has developed into a strong force for building dialogue across our neighbourhoods, and now a funded grassroots organization committed to making the west-end a better place to live, work and play.

There will be more to come as we get started. One of our team members, Leann, along with community partners, is already leading the way in organizing a very exciting kick-off initiative at the end of June that will be very positive for the area.

Below is a picture from the media release yesterday. To my left is Tammy and to my right is Leann, both are part of our great team along with Lorraine who was not able to attend. In addition to the west-end, other neighbourhoods in Windsor-Essex were also funded.



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