Vote! Vote! Vote!


I received the following email from a fellow west-ender:

"Hi Fabio 

Could you please post this to the Our West End Blog in support of The Summit Centre for Preschool Children with Autism's bid for new playground Equipment?

The winner is chosen by popular vote on Facebook, and we need more votes!!! 

They are located at Prince and College Ave, a great gem in the West end!! 

Voting by PC instructions below.

Vote Daily and Thank you!!!" 

If anyone is on Facebook, Please vote daily from a PC Only for the Summit
Centre for Preschool Children with Autism.  It would mean a great deal to
our family to see this organization win the much needed equipment.  They are
completely privately run, relying on donations only, not government funded.
They continue to be an amazing support for our family and what they do for
the children & families is life changing - they will do AMAZING things with
the equipment.

Thank you!!!
Jonathan's Family


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